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CS:GO Skins

It's been several years since Valve made its core product,CS:GO, free to users all over the world. Despite this, the game still generates significant profits for its owners. A key source of such profits are CS:GO skins. Gamers use them to customize the appearance of their favorite weapons. Exclusive skins in CS:GO gain respect from teammates and adversaries. Playing any matchmaking, you can easily find players begging to hold weapons that cost more than the entire inventory of single users. At the same time, the properties of the weapon do not change. Therefore, when buying a certain skin, the selected weapon won't shoot with a lower recoil, or bring more benefits to its owner. Today, you can easily face a user who ignores Counter Strike games, but actively buys skins on all kinds of websites. Indeed, certain gamers can make great deals on skin exchanges. So how does the skin trade work and is it worth supporting the success of such activities?

Where to exchange skins

Skins in CS:GO may be considered the game's internal currency. It's quite difficult for the average user to cash out such currency. The easiest way to make a profit from the skins available in the inventory consists in exchanging them directly on the Steam trading platform. On this platform, the user gets access to dozens of thousands of skins offered by players from all over the world. When uploading his own weapon on this marketplace, the gamer can expect to quickly sell it, followed by a payment transfer to the game account. Steam restricts access to the system for players who have spent less than $5. As long as transactions equal to this amount haven't been made, the player won't be able to fully trade skins. Valve didn't intend to make their own brainchild a platform that collects tens of thousands of dollars from the sale of skins every hour. There is no way for the player to cash out his profits via bank card. The algorithm for exchanging skins via the Steam platform is as follows: 1. The user needs to log in to his personal Steam account, containing the skins available for sale. 2. Choose a friend from the friends list to exchange with. 3. Right-click on your friend's avatar and offer to exchange weapons. If the posted exchange works for both gamers, a pop-up window will appear on the screen in front of them. Here, they can see all the items and skins that can be exchanged. In case of consent, the players check a box, after which the procedure is fulfilled. This method will work if the second user is online. If a friend is offline, you need to use a slightly different algorithm: 1. Launch Steam from your desktop. 2. Click on your account. 3. Among the account pages, select Inventory. After that, in the upper right corner there will be a button with the exchange offer. 4. Select the second user to exchange skins with. The exchange won't be completed until a second user confirms it. Steam's built-in marketplace is suitable for most players. Users seeking to earn real money are in search of sites that allow them tosell CS:GO skinsfor real money. There are a lot of such projects available to all.

Skin sale

In order to fully describe the process of selling skins, it consists of the following steps: 1. Creating a STEAM account. 2. Gaining experience in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, with further skin obtaining for each new rank. 3. Making financial transactions in the system for amounts starting from 5 dollars. 4. Gaining access to all transactions related to the exchange and sale of skins. In the past, players couldn't imagine that hundreds of websites devoted to the purchase and sale of skins would appear on the web. On the one hand, Valve doesn't force its customers to deal with trading skins for popular weapons. On the other hand, the promotion of such functionality encourages players to try their luck and diversify their inventory. Even before the advent of dedicated websites, players sought counterparts for the exchange within the forums. This exchange method is still popular today, but more and more gamers refuse it due to an influx of scammers. So, there is almost no reliability when it comes to exchanging skins.

Future prospects for skin exchanges

Although CS:GO is a long-standing player in the eSports industry, it will be popular among players around the world for a long time to come. Top teams' matches gather thousands of fans striving to have equipment as good as those of their champions. Sure, a media personality finds it much easier to get a top-quality skin. This is due to the cooperation of professional gamers with dedicated platforms. In return for promoting the project, they provide their "partners" with expensive skins. About a third of the active CS:GO gamers regularly exchange and trade skins on the marketplace and external resources. At the same time, Valve is not going to limit the game trading market, in terms of the next few years. It' s been a long time since Skins became the internal currency of the CS:GO world. They allow you not only to buy new games, but also to bet on the match of your favorite eSports teams. Such an active expansion of the CS:GO skins has its own negative consequences. More and more players are focusing their attention solely on trading. In other words, the game itself is a secondary effect deriving from skin selling.

Summarizing the phenomenon of trading skins in CS GO

Valve had no idea that their decision to make CS:GO free, while diversifying the skins, would lead to such consequences. Today, hundreds of thousands of players around the world pick up new skins for their favorite weapon. Using skins has no influence on the quality of shooting, but it greatly increases the user's self-esteem, as he feels confident enough to stand out against his teammates and enemies.